Valentine's Day with Bo and Bec Hinzack

Valentine's Day with Bo and Bec Hinzack

Valentine’s Day.... usually evokes nausea in my body. The thought of cheesy, public displays of emotion is too much for me, not to mention the tacky memorabilia that goes with it. Gross. Years of working in retail on this day, has given me trauma and quite frankly I wish it didn’t exist. Sorry to all the lovers out there, It’s just how I feel. Having said all that, I LOVE, love. Not the counterfeit kind ( because there’s a lot that “looks and feels like love “ ) I mean the honest to goodness, salt of the earth, REAL kind of love. I’m a huge fan. It’s everything, without love, we are just white noise. 

There are so many forms of love, but in honour of Valentine’s Day, we are talking about Eros love. The kind that makes us all a little nuts, or a lot nuts depending on how many issues you have. 

Love is something that is largely experiential and can’t really be understood, unless you have had the unfortunate or fortunate experience of falling for REAL - hopelessly and irredeemably in love. It simply sucks. For some that is. 

My parents have been married for a life time, their first years, actually their first 20 to be exact, was tough. ( I know my heart sank too when I heard that for the first time. ) Their love is real, honest and deeper than any elated feeling of ecstasy. That stuff isn’t real, love is what you’re left with after attraction and lust wears off ( that is, if it was real in the first place.) They fought for each, really fought and chose each other everyday, and now after being married for almost 36 years, they are really enjoying the fruit of their hard work and commitment to each other. It's annoying, how in love they are, like my Dad serenades my mum all the time! and they’ll start dancing for no reason at all, it’s weird. 
Suffice to say, we all need a little help, when it comes to seeing and recognising real love for what it really is, and because I am no expert, I have interviewed one of the couples in my life I admire most. And not because they are both ridiculously good looking, but because they are two of the kindest, most genuine no BS people you will ever meet! One of these fine people works for the Bow and Arrow family and usually writes every word in this newsletter, except for today, when I kicked her off so I could wildly embarrass her and her super handsome, and beautiful hearted, real man of a husband. I know what you are thinking, Tash you have a crush on Bec and Bo Hinzack and I will happily and proudly say I do. For the reason that we all need inspiration right???! 

Read on and you will see why in a world where there are so many counterfeits of love, their love is the real thing... 

1. How long have you been together?
Nearly 9 years, married 6. 

2. Bo, you and I had an interesting conversation on your couch about love.... in a world where we fantasise what love is and what it feels like, one thing seems to be clear, love is hard work, a lot of hard work and as you get older you understand it’s a definite choice. What characteristics does your partner have that makes that choice worth the suffering?!! ( ha ha jokes , not really. ) Do you consciously choose each other every day? 
Bo - Bec is respectful of herself first and foremost. This for any man or woman will make them 'easier' and more rewarding to love. She has unconditional support and believes in the best of everybody and everything. In a day and age where this is hard to find, it is very easy to love her.

Bec - He is handsome!! Ha!! But really that he is open to growth. He has a very open heart and a deep soul. Nothing gets swept under the rug which pushes me to grow - as much as i loathe it sometimes! Then simply i just really, really enjoy being around him, he is funny and warm and social.

3. I read recently that “Unhealthy love is based on two people trying to escape their problems through their emotions for each other - in other words, they’re using each other as an escape. Healthy love is based on two people, acknowledging and addressing their problems with each other’s support.“ In your experience how have you managed to support each other’s problems without sacrificing yourself? Or is sacrificing yourself part of the deal? The choice, we were talking about earlier.
Bec - Still trying to figure this balance out, it is a constantly evolving thing. The reality is there are sacrifices and compromise, especially with family life, but so long as these aren't detrimental to us as individuals then it's part of the reciprocal give and take of relationships. It's all about communication and respect - self respect as well - to then feel like it's more about assisting growth and giving rather than a sacrifice per se.

We make a point of not wasting time on the small stuff and nagging and always acknowledge if we have done something wrong or hurtful. We have very similar goals and values to build on, but it requires awareness and openness.

Bo - I often refer to our relationship as the 'Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen' of relationships - in the least egotistical way of course! These two had one of the greatest relationships in sporting history. Obviously there is a 'king' but without the right support there is no kingdom. Both knew what can be achieved when working together towards a common goal. And importantly they were both willing to hand over or receive the crown on any given day, or when the other was down. 

I don't see sacrifice as a negative word to be honest. If i have ever sacrificed anything it is with positive intent. I also think that Bec and myself tend to keep the smaller problems to ourselves and then lean on each other when we really need it. I'd be leaning all day if that wasn't the case!! 

4. You have three beautiful children, how have children enriched your relationship? 
Bo - It hasn't! Hahaha.... But I certainly understand love more now then ever before. Nothing will compare to the space in your heart that your children hold.

Bec - They have cracked us open and shined a light right into the depths!! Sharing such an intimate and vulnerable love with someone will open you up. But you have to be prepared to be open and vulnerable too otherwise it can be counterproductive. It is beautiful to be able to grow alongside them, but as we are still in the throes of young children it can take its toll on us. It is vital to carve out time for each other, otherwise the relationship can feel less than enriched! They are truly the most intriguing people we have ever met and we are blown away by them.

5. What’s one thing you love about your partner ? 
Bec - He feels like home.

Bo - She lights up my room. Always.

*incredibly professional photography by Tash Ianni using the iPhone 7plus

February 15, 2018 — Tash Ianni

At home with... Sarah Cousens


For this Special Easter love letter , our ‘AT HOME WITH ‘ We visited the ever beautiful and talented Sarah Cousens. Sarah used to work with us at B&A and is responsible for creating this very Love letter! She’s not only a beautiful soul but an incredibly talented Interior Stylist, she let us in her newly renovated home, that she shares with her partner Mitchell Tomlinson. It's simply, a beautiful space filled with incredible art, well curated objects, a calming colour palette and is charming as all hell.
Modernists & Minimalists this one is for you x x 

1. Tell us three things about yourself
I am a born and bred Sydney-sider of Chinese and Australian descent, I can say the alphabet backwards and I am terrified of birds.

2. How would u describe your style ? And what inspires you ?
My personal style is very relaxed - you won’t find me in anything these days that isn’t comfortable. I am currently drawn to man-style garments usually in a pared back muted palette (today is an exception!). In the cooler weather I like to channel my inner grandpa with oversized coats, layers upon layers and a good pair of boots. I am inspired by good quality design, street style and confident humans. 

3. What are your favourite Bow and Arrow brands and why?
Simon Miller is my number one, hands down. The textures, materials and seasonal colour palettes get me every time. I also love Rachel Comey, Le Feu de L’eau and Papi Ceramics!

4. As an Interior Stylist, What do you enjoy the most about transforming a room or a space
I love the elated feeling you get when a concept you have envisioned comes to life.

5. Do you find it difficult to source the pieces you want ? We know that a Stylists doesn’t like giving away their “secrets” but can you share with us one tip or place to find some treasures?
I think the beauty being a stylist is being able to collaborate and share tips and ideas with others in the industry. For vintage/antique pieces I love Lunatiques in Alexandria, Sydney, it’s a treasure trove of pre-loved items. For designer pieces Living Edge Furniture in Alexandria is amazing. Small Spaces in Redfern was the most incredible spot for local artists, designers and one off found pieces but sadly closed its doors last month.

6. What is your favourite piece in your home and why? 
Our James Drinkwater artwork. This was the very first item we bought for our home. I adore the colours and textures within the painting and I fall in love with it over and over when I discover a new part that I hadn't particularly noticed before. A close second would be our SK55 Braun record player. Designed by Dieter Rams in 1963, it is in pristine condition with immaculate sound. For a record player over 50 years old, it’s minimal design is still relevant today.

7. Best piece of advice you have been given ?
Follow your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life. 

8. Favourite poison ? 
A cheeky glass of cab sav (or 2) after a long days work. 

Brands featured - Simon Miller, Le feu de l'eau candles, Fat and the moon, 
Lacausa and Inbed Store, Steve Mono. 

Photographed by @Madisonxco

April 11, 2017 — Elle Kennard

At home with... Jo Ioannides

The latest ‘At Home with’ Features long time customer the lovely Jo Ioannides. Jo is kind, funny, warm, generous and super hard working, and along with her sidekick daughter Charli who is 11 years old have become good friends of the store. The pair come in dressed in their casual cool outfits, and are a barrel of laughs! Needless to say we have a lot of fun. What We admire most about Jo is her strong work ethic, both Jo and her Husband own the Fish Cafe in balgowlah ( which always wins all the timeout seafood awards ) and Pittwater Seafood in Mona Vale ( which i have purchased from and can say, it is one of the best seafood outlets in Sydney!) She is a hard worker, A mother of three and always manages to pull it all together with a casual cool outfit and a smile on her face. Meet Jo, her Space is warm, filled with vintage pieces, rugged textiles and a lot of love !

1. Tell us three things about yourself

 I’m a mum to 3 beautiful children and a wife to an amazing man,  I have been with him since we were 16.

I love fashion, interiors and beautiful things.

Love reading and spending time travelling with my family.


2. How would u describe your style ? And what inspires you ?

I have so many different styles from rock cool to boho vintage to grungy/funky depends on my mood or what I’m doing for the day.  

Cool stylish, every day people on the streets can inspire me also mags, blogs, insta etc.


3. What are your favourite Bow and Arrow brands and why ?

My gosh the whole shop but if I have to pick it would be  Rachel Comey, Ulla Johnson, Simon Miller, Scosha, Vivien Ramsay, Ryan Roche to name a few.


4. You are a hard worker, building a successful business with your husband, how do u find the balance to have time for yourself and your family ?

Can be very challenging at times, however being able to work from home does help…
I do have to make sure I only work certain hours of the day and week in the home office, so I am present when the kids are home and that can be very hard at times as I sometimes work when I shouldn’t (that’s life when you have your own business) I try and make sure my weekends are free from work, so we have quality  family time. Time for my self has become more available as the kids are growing up, still working on that.


5. What is the biggest thing you have learnt in your business ?

The first few years are very tough and hard,  at times I felt like chucking it all in, but we didn’t give up, we preserved kept going and it does become easier when you see it working and it is rewarding to see the results you work so hard for.


6. What advice do you have for people who run their own businesses ?

Keep positive, the hard work does pay off.(even though you might feel very beaten at times).. Use a good accounting system.


7. We have to ask, being surrounded by all this incredible seafood, what is your favourite fishy creature?

Balmain bugs

Brands featured - Ulla Johnson , Vivien Ramsay, Vintage pieces from the store ( from the last LA buying trip ) clothing and African mud clothes , Rachel Comey , Lacausa, Scosha , Natalie Marie, Sophie Hughes,  Le feu de leau candles, D.s Durga , Fat and the moon, Juniper Ridge Sage sticks, Herbivore , a section of cactus from the store , Its a public holiday ceramics , three feathers ceramics.

Photographed by @Madisonxco
March 10, 2017 — Elle Kennard

At home with... Lisa Barnett


Lisa Barnett is genuinely one of the warmest, friendly, gentle and kindest Ladies that we know. It seems rare to meet a person with such a disposition, she makes you feel at ease instantly. She comes flowing into the store most of the time giggling and smiling and we were delighted to hang out with her in her breathtaking home, I mean we literally hung out and didn’t want to leave, Picture cool summer breeze pouring into a beautifully lit massive window that opened up into a Comfy couch sitting area, yep we wanted to move in! Meet Lisa Barnett for our latest series of “AT HOME WITH” …. You’ll wanna move in too x 


1. Tell us three things about yourself
I'm a mum and taxi driver to two teenage boys..I went travelling in my early 20s and ended up living in London for over 20 years 

2. How would u describe your style ? And what inspires you ?
I feel happiest in relaxed laid back pieces.."dressed up" never feels like me..something beautifully made always inspires dad was a fashion agent he was obsessed by the cut and detail of pieces.

3. What are your favourite Bow and Arrow brands and why ?
I love everything Ulla Johnson does..Beek, the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn! Rachel Comey, Simon Miller, Scosha the list goes on and on..

4. You have lived Abroad more specifically the UK, London is a vibrant city , What drew you back home to sunny Sydney and would you live overseas again ? 
London is a great city.." history around every corner" my grandpa would say... but I missed family and the weather of course! I always felt like an Australian girl living away from home..I wanted our boys to grow up surrounded by the same things that I did and so was so happy when Neil's work brought us home. I think as the boys get older I ll spend longer periods in other places but I don't see myself living permanently anywhere else..

5. One of the things we love about you, is your  always giggling and smiling and happy!  What helps motivate you and keep your spirit sweet? 
 I'm just like everyone has its ups and downs. I just try to live each day well and I try to not worry about the small things..

6. Your home is breathtaking, love the furnishings and all the well curated pieces, what is your advice for people setting up a home ?
Thank you! I think home is about the people in it so fill it with people you love..and when you can buy things that you love too.

7. Best piece of advice you have been given ?
My mum is such a strong woman..watching her is the best advice I've been given..

8. Favourite poison ? 
If I've got an espresso martini in my hand things are going downhill fast! 


Brands featured - Ulla Johnson, Beek, Rachel Comey, Place Nationale, Vintage clothing from our trips to LA, SCOSHA , Sophie Hughes, Simon Miller, Fat and the moon, ds durga , everyday oil , le feu de leau, vintage ceramic purchased from the store, Gemma Fitzgerald Original Art. 
Photographed by @Madisonxco
February 24, 2017 — Elle Kennard

At Home With... Sean & Annabelle



Our VALENTINE’S DAY Special of ‘ AT HOME WITH ‘ Is with Customers and long time friends Sean Miller & Annabelle Mclean. Sean and Annabelle have been with us shopping from the very beginning of Bow and Arrow’s existence and consequently have become dearest friends. The Co- owners of CHICA BONITA & SUNSET SABI are engaged to be married this coming April! They are the salt of the earth, loads of fun to be around and are truly an inspiration, when it comes to down to earth, generous and Kind hearted people! Theirs is an honest, funny and inspiring love story xx 

Meet Sean and Annabelle… Oh and lets not forget their Pride and Joy , Miss Harley Miller ( french bulldog fans eat your heart out!! ) 


1. Tell us three things about yourself 

Sean: Born and raised in California, was a ski bum slope side in a small town called Crested Butte, CO for seven years and now i sell tacos. 

Annabelle: In the spirit of Valentines Day ill tell you that love my family and friends, i love Harley and i love Sean. 


2. How would you describe your style ? And what inspires you ? 

Annabelle: comfortable. Mum is always teasing me about how i would only wear elasticated pants as a kid… and nothing much has changed! In times where a little style is necessary - i’ll always look to Tash! 

Sean: I tried to tell Annabelle once that i wanted to create my own style, i came up  with a name and everything but it didn’t take off... So ill just go with calling it tropical, relaxed, poolside … you know, that kind of vibe!


3. What are your favourite Bow and Arrow brands and why ?

Annabelle: Upstate, Scosha, Lacausa, Variance, Ulla Johnson… there is something magical about all of them! 

Sean: King Brown, D.S and Durga (it just smells so god damn good), Steve Mono (i do hope to own a pair of their shoes one day) and Fat and the Moon (only the best deodorant ever!).


4. How did you guys meet ? 

Sean: I wasn’t much of a coffee drinker until i found the cafe that annabelle was working at. Suddenly i drank multiple coffees a day. It took a while to get her to have a coffee with me (especially given that she doesn’t drink coffee), but we got there in the end :) 


5. You both have very busy lives and are owners of very busy establishments, how do you balance your work/play/quality time together ??


Annabelle: we are still figuring this one out but have always been good at making the most of a couple of hours here and there!

Sean: we make all time quality time.


6. what is one thing you love most about your partner?

Annabelle: one thing… that’s hard… but it would have to be his kindness… he has a HUGE heart which i am so fortunate to be able to have a little piece of! 

Sean: This is good practice for my wedding speech.  It would have to be her selflessness and ability to put everyone else before herself.


7. what is the quirkiest or most unusual habit your partner has? 

Annabelle: he is really good at folding the washing… sometimes i take clean (badly folded by me) clothes out of of my cupboard and add them to the clean washing pile just so he can fold them like they would be folded in a shop! 

Sean: she has more tea in the cupboard than she will ever be able to drink - i think she likes the boxes more than the tea itself!


8. What is your ideal date night ?

Annabelle: i know we won’t agree on this one, but mine is always a meal we both cook at home.

Sean: a picnic or something outdoors so Harley can come too - i hate when she misses out! 


9. Hate or Love Valentines Day ?

Annabelle: i always said i didn’t like it, probably because i was the kid that never got a Valentine! I tried to tell Sean the first few years not to do anything because i wasn’t in to it, but i think i would secretly be a little sad now if he didn’t :)  

Sean: LOVE it. I even put flowers on the bed one year ha ha - but came home to find Annabelle asleep on top of them and squishing them all! 

Brands featured include: Ulla Johnson, D.S Durga, Fat and the Moon, Nourished Journal, It's a Public Holiday, Scosha, For Love and Lemons, Lacausa, Page Thirty Three and a collection of art from different artists - purchased from Bow + Arrow Studio. 
Photographed by @Madisonxco
February 12, 2017 — Elle Kennard

At home with... Jan de Teliga

Slightly late but back none the less, we have our first 'At home with' for 2017. We are constantly inspired how our customers wear things, their style, their personalities and how it is all expressed through the way they carry themselves. One customer that comes to mind when we think of who inspires us most is Jan de Teliga. When we first met Jan, it was a like meeting the living breathing version of "Aunty Mame”  ( for those of you who don’t know who she is - Aunty Mame is a movie about a fabulous, progressive, effervescent Woman set in the 1920’s… Its amazing, watch it, I dare you 
Jan Literally is a barrel of laughs , has the most funny stories, is constantly giggling and in essence is the definition of FABULOUS ! She breezes in the store in her amazing colourful outfits and sparkly jewellery, tries on a frock and waltzes out like the dress always belonged to her, she literally oozes confidence and light heartless and makes the best bloody banana bread you have ever eaten, among other things!
When we asked her if we could shoot her at home,  she responded.. and I quote “ Fabby i’ll have the champagne ready..!”
She is a fierce individual with a sharp mind and a quick wit, ready for anything life throws her way, she is inspiring, artistic  (  has one of the biggest collections of Art I have seen in a home ) and oozes kindness ,consequently its her favourite word… she taught us a thing or two just by being in her presence. 
We hope you have as much fun reading this as much as we did shooting it! Meet the Fabulous Jan de Teliga and as her personal business card reads ( yes she has her own personal cards ) 
Jan de Teliga 
( of me ) 

1. Tell us three things about yourself

I love my family, I love my friends  & Quite like a g'n t

2. How would u describe your style ? And what inspires you ?

Vibrant, Cheerful, LOUD

3. What are your favourite Bow and Arrow brands and why ?

Romance Was Born
Creatures of Comfort
Rachel Comey
Simon Miller
Ulla Johnson
For Love of Lemons

Because they are divine and I feel fabulous in these gorgeous frocks.

4. You have the most infectious energy and happy disposition, the world is a crazy place and there are so many things that can get you down or stressed etc how do you keep your attitude sweet? 

I was taught by the most gorgeous Catholic Nuns in the world. In fact my Confirmation name is Gemma, I just loved my 3rd grade nun, doesn't translate so well, I was in fact in New Zealand and I was in Standard 3, so about 7. Story getting a bit long.........

Anyway these fabulous young women taught me to look for the good in everyone, and guess what? You find it. Not so different from all that New Age Stuff, concentrate on something and that is what you will find.

So just look for the good in people, it really works.

5. You have some incredible Art in your home, what does Art mean to you and who is one of your favourite artists? 


Art is life, joy, pain, expression everything.

My favourite artist ever is Stan de Teliga my father-in-law.

6. how do you define beauty ? 

Beauty is life, joy, fun and whatever you love.

7. best piece of advice you have been given and or life motto ? 
A Wise Man Once Said NOTHING
My most favourite word ever
Kindness, always works in every situation .
My work now here is done
There's a little bit of bubbles left.
Miracle of Fatima xxxx

Brands featured include: Ulla Johnson, Romance Was Born, Lacausa 
Photographed by @Madisonxco
February 02, 2017 — Elle Kennard

High Summer Editorial for Bow + Arrow

We are super excited to share a peek of our High Summer Editorial. Join our 'Love Letter' list to get the full scoop and see all our new arrivals. 



December 01, 2016 — Elle Kennard

At home with Rach + Nic Evans...



For the latest ‘At home with’ series, We visited Friends of Bow and Arrow, husband and wife team Nic and Rachel Evans. Rachel was an integral part of the early days of Bow and Arrow helping Tash out with the very first buying trips. They’ve been good mates for years...Rachel is fashion stylist and is the Senior Style Editor for a major Australian online heavy hitter . Her Husband Nic is a genius Psychologist in the making, has love for Italian flair and loves all our natural skincare collections…. you might say he is addicted, but then again so are we ;) 

1. Tell us three things about yourself

Rachel: Grew up in Sunny Sawtell (near Coffs Harbour)  and have lived in Sydney for 11 years. Love to dance, my first passion. I once was a basketball referee. We all start from somewhere... 

Nic: I'm 27, and have always lived in Sydney. Basketball is my first passion and I too was once a basketball referee, it's how we bonded


2. How would u describe your style ? And what inspires you ?

Rachel: hmmm.. Tough one to describe your own personal style. Style to me is not putting yourself in a box. Be experimental and if you're brave, risk what might feel scary to walk out of the house in.   I do feel my style changes depending on my mood and  what I may have been inspired by lately. I go from Boho seventies lovin', to really structured outfits to super minimal effortless looks to then suddenly bold prints. haha. I find inspiration in a lot of things, the art of fashion alone is inspiring, the collaboration of creatives. Working in the fashion world for a living I naturally get inspired by runway shows, incredible shoots created by super talented people. When traveling I'll often people watch people (I literally take my own pap shots of strangers)    

Nic: I'm enamoured with the Italian concept of 'sprezzatura', roughly translated as 'casual nonchalance', or the art of looking like you haven't worked too hard to look that good. The Italians do it best. The Pitti 'peacock' (google it) will give you an idea of what I mean.


3. What are your favourite Bow and Arrow brands and why ?

Rachel: Rachel Comey and Ulla Johnson I adore! I could list more. My favourite item in my wardrobe is definitely the incredible Rachel Comey Crochet dress from last season. She creates beautiful designs that have a sense of craftsmanship and a real understanding of effortless but feminine style. 

Ulla - ahhh Ulla how can you walk past the fine details, embroidery and tassels. Wearable art.  

The latest Simon Miller drop is definitely top of the wish list at the moment- those shoes are incredible! 

Nic: I'm all about the skin care and accessories. Herbivore, Fat & The Moon, Baxter of Calefornia, Scosha. Rach and I routinely stock up on Le Feu De L'Eau candles.


4. Rachel does Nic steal your beauty products??  and if so what are they?!

Rachel: No its probably the other way round. haha. He is not ashamed to look after himself in all areas including beauty. I actually benefit from this more than the other way round. We do both love our natural products. My sensitive skin definitely loves the Bow and Arrow goodness;  especially Fat & The Moon moisturiser, also Herbivore oils. 

Nic: I can attest to the above.


5. How do u define beauty?

Rachel: Beauty is warmth in someone. To me often a person who lives by love and kindness in all that they do exude an incredible beauty about them. I have definitely grown up with two women in my life my mum and my sister who have taught me that and completely exude beauty because that is how they live! 

Nic: Probably a combination of evolutionary pressures and cultural context.


6. Who is the cook and who is the cleaner in the household? 

Rachel: Nic and Nic hahahaha.. :-0 !! Nic is very gifted in the kitchen. If it was left up to me we would probably be eating frozen meals... 

Brands featured include: Scosha, Ulla Johnson, Rachel Comey, Blk dv, For Love and Lemons, Herbivor, Fat and the Moon, Le feu de leau, Romance Was Born, Lacausa, and InBed Linen.
Photographed by @Madisonxco

December 01, 2016 — Elle Kennard

At home with Matt Sharpe...

We visited Matt Sharp, Friend and Long time customer of Bow and Arrow. Matt, or ‘Sharpy’ as he is affectionately known is a Director, Musician, and an Artist - painter. He alongside good friend and Producer Julian McGruther has Directed Music videos for Delta Goodrem, The Veronicas ( for which they won an ARIA ) and Guy Sebastian which was also nominated for an ARIA in Wednesday night’s award ceremony, No they didn’t win this time, but as you look closely you will see this is just the beginning for this multi talented young entrepreneur. 

1. Tell us three things about yourself

I used to be a magician.
I’ve never watched an episode of Seinfeld or Friends.
I’m actually British.


2. How would u describe your style ? And what inspires you ?

Ever-changing, a little overstated and occasionally a bit nuts. I tend to reflect and express a lot of myself in my clothes and it comes as part of the creative process for me.
I always seek quality, and I’m not afraid to spend a bit more on items I know will define a moment for me. Clothing is kinda my version of tattoos; a journal of significant seasons and experiences.
I really only shop at a small handful of stores/designers, mostly in LA (with the exception of Bow and Arrow *wink*) so I find myself influenced by them and often follow their stylistic lead.
Sartorially, what most inspires me is my travels and my creative seasons/projects. My style will sometimes take a U-Turn when I visit other cities and slip into their vibe, especially in places like Tokyo, NYC and LA.
I’m known for my ridiculous collection of twinsets and stupid sunglasses, but right now I’m stuck on a beige and linen obsession brought on by recent travels. 
The slouchy, layered summer vibes in LA and the unbelievable linens in Amalfi coast - I went crazy over them and had to buy another bag to get them home.   


3. What are your favourite Bow and Arrow brands and why ?

Patouf - The quirky patterns, fabrics and the cuts. So Swedish, ya.
Soulland - Clean, textural, classy as hell
Steve Mono - Sex in leather form. I have two of their bags and a pair of shoes and they just get better with age.
Cocurata - loud, perfectly tacky, and arty as
DS and Durga - Bowmakers is my scent. Can’t go without it. I recently misplaced my bottle in London so I searched the whole city high and low for three days until I finally found a replacement.


4. You travel quite a lot for work, how do you reconcile the struggle as a creative to not be seduced by the excitement and energies of new cities, and how do you stay grounded here at home (manly ) ? 

The short answer is that… I don’t reconcile the struggle! I’m completely seduced and I’m constantly having affairs with different cities.
I’ll be frank, when I stay in Sydney for too long it takes a very negative toll on me. There’s a world out there we’re really not a part of here.
As a freelance workaholic I don’t have many ties and consider myself a nomad, so the entire world is truly getting smaller and starting to feel like home.
Each city brings out different energies in me and as a creative I need that to thrive and reinvent.
It’s the constant switching of modes between LA, London, Sydney and so forth that ends up refreshing and refuelling me for the next thing.
All that said, I can’t deny the sublime feeling of coming home to Manly in summer… I love my apartment and the second I drop by Showbox or dive into those turquoise waters at Bower the affair with Manly starts all over again. 


5. How do u define beauty?

Amongst many things; selflessness and possessing the skill of forgiveness. 


6. Who is your “Idol"? 

Myself in 10 years. *curls up into a big ball of ego*


Brands featured include: Cocurata, Love Over Land, D.S & Durga, Paines Incense, Le Fey De L'eau, Commoners, Pony Rider, Carla Colour, Holly Martin, Steve Mono, Black Deville. 
Photographed by @Madisonxco


December 01, 2016 — Elle Kennard
At home with... Anna Rummey

At home with... Anna Rummey

We have a new segment to introduce to you…. and it centers around the love we have for YOU our beautiful customers. We are constantly inspired by how our customers and now friends wear things, their style, their personalities and how they express it all though how they carry themselves. Bow and Arrow’s customers are fiercely unique, and we love it! 

One of those customers that encompasses all those things is Anna Rummey. She is the gorgeous mother of two stunning girls, Juniper and Rosie. We love Anna’s cool casual style and she inspires us with her effortless beauty. We shot Anna at her home , for the new segment ‘AT HOME WITH ‘ take a look at her favourite pieces she has bought from the store and her overall authentic vibe….

1. Tell us three things about yourself

I was born in Poland, my parents and I fled a then communist country in the early 80s and migrated to Melbourne, Australia. 

I have a deep and incessant love for animals. 

There is an constant struggle within me that debates city vs country living – how to get the best of both worlds. 


2. How would u describe your style ? And what inspires you ?

It is simple and comfortable, mostly classic but I do like an avant garde shape every now and again. For me balance is the key. 

I'm inspired by design history, bush-walks, literature and my friends. 


3. What are your favourite Bow and Arrow brands and why ?

Rachel Comey, her pieces are a great mix of simple and unique, with an amazing colour palette. I also support the variety of women she uses in her advertising – I think real women can relate to and appreciate that. 

Simon Miller for their amazing textiles and construction. Even some of the pieces that I wouldn't wear (THOSE SHOES) I still love for their total and utter radness. 


4. One of things we admire about you is, you're a busy lady , you have two kids and you're a small business owner, yet you always look amazing!! How do u balance all the roles a woman has and make sure u have time to look after yourself ?

Physically looking after myself is easy, because I keep it simple. We are an almost entirely vegetarian household, so healthy food is a huge priority for us. I really believe what you fuel your body with shows on the outside. I'm low maintenance when it comes to beauty – simple natural products and only a few of them. Also, investing in a beautiful clothes helps (thanks Bow and Arrow!) because you can literally throw on anything and still look and feel good. I don't really save my special pieces 'for best' otherwise they would never get worn. Luxury is using those things everyday.

Mentally and emotionally I still struggle  finding the balance between parenting and supporting my husband with his cafe. There doesn't feel like there is enough time in the day to carve out those pockets of sacred time for myself. I'm working on it, though. Being kind to myself and ceasing the negative inner dialogue helps, a lot. 


5. How do u define beauty?

Very narrowly. As close to natural as possible. Clean healthy hair, barely there make up (unless it's a bold lip for fancy times), clothes that are unique to each individual and their personality. True beauty comes from being comfortable in your own skin and kind and open in your heart. 


6. What was your biggest beauty blunder ??!!

Way too much foundation my teenage years and a slew of bad haircuts in the 90's.


November 10, 2016 — Elle Kennard