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At home with... Anna Rummey

Posted on November 10 2016

We have a new segment to introduce to you…. and it centers around the love we have for YOU our beautiful customers. We are constantly inspired by how our customers and now friends wear things, their style, their personalities and how they express it all though how they carry themselves. Bow and Arrow’s customers are fiercely unique, and we love it! 

One of those customers that encompasses all those things is Anna Rummey. She is the gorgeous mother of two stunning girls, Juniper and Rosie. We love Anna’s cool casual style and she inspires us with her effortless beauty. We shot Anna at her home , for the new segment ‘AT HOME WITH ‘ take a look at her favourite pieces she has bought from the store and her overall authentic vibe….

1. Tell us three things about yourself

I was born in Poland, my parents and I fled a then communist country in the early 80s and migrated to Melbourne, Australia. 

I have a deep and incessant love for animals. 

There is an constant struggle within me that debates city vs country living – how to get the best of both worlds. 


2. How would u describe your style ? And what inspires you ?

It is simple and comfortable, mostly classic but I do like an avant garde shape every now and again. For me balance is the key. 

I'm inspired by design history, bush-walks, literature and my friends. 


3. What are your favourite Bow and Arrow brands and why ?

Rachel Comey, her pieces are a great mix of simple and unique, with an amazing colour palette. I also support the variety of women she uses in her advertising – I think real women can relate to and appreciate that. 

Simon Miller for their amazing textiles and construction. Even some of the pieces that I wouldn't wear (THOSE SHOES) I still love for their total and utter radness. 


4. One of things we admire about you is, you're a busy lady , you have two kids and you're a small business owner, yet you always look amazing!! How do u balance all the roles a woman has and make sure u have time to look after yourself ?

Physically looking after myself is easy, because I keep it simple. We are an almost entirely vegetarian household, so healthy food is a huge priority for us. I really believe what you fuel your body with shows on the outside. I'm low maintenance when it comes to beauty – simple natural products and only a few of them. Also, investing in a beautiful clothes helps (thanks Bow and Arrow!) because you can literally throw on anything and still look and feel good. I don't really save my special pieces 'for best' otherwise they would never get worn. Luxury is using those things everyday.

Mentally and emotionally I still struggle  finding the balance between parenting and supporting my husband with his cafe. There doesn't feel like there is enough time in the day to carve out those pockets of sacred time for myself. I'm working on it, though. Being kind to myself and ceasing the negative inner dialogue helps, a lot. 


5. How do u define beauty?

Very narrowly. As close to natural as possible. Clean healthy hair, barely there make up (unless it's a bold lip for fancy times), clothes that are unique to each individual and their personality. True beauty comes from being comfortable in your own skin and kind and open in your heart. 


6. What was your biggest beauty blunder ??!!

Way too much foundation my teenage years and a slew of bad haircuts in the 90's.


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