The latest ‘At Home with’ Features long time customer the lovely Jo Ioannides. Jo is kind, funny, warm, generous and super hard working, and along with her sidekick daughter Charli who is 11 years old have become good friends of the store. The pair come in dressed in their casual cool outfits, and are a barrel of laughs! Needless to say we have a lot of fun. What We admire most about Jo is her strong work ethic, both Jo and her Husband own the Fish Cafe in balgowlah ( which always wins all the timeout seafood awards ) and Pittwater Seafood in Mona Vale ( which i have purchased from and can say, it is one of the best seafood outlets in Sydney!) She is a hard worker, A mother of three and always manages to pull it all together with a casual cool outfit and a smile on her face. Meet Jo, her Space is warm, filled with vintage pieces, rugged textiles and a lot of love !

1. Tell us three things about yourself

 I’m a mum to 3 beautiful children and a wife to an amazing man,  I have been with him since we were 16.

I love fashion, interiors and beautiful things.

Love reading and spending time travelling with my family.


2. How would u describe your style ? And what inspires you ?

I have so many different styles from rock cool to boho vintage to grungy/funky depends on my mood or what I’m doing for the day.  

Cool stylish, every day people on the streets can inspire me also mags, blogs, insta etc.


3. What are your favourite Bow and Arrow brands and why ?

My gosh the whole shop but if I have to pick it would be  Rachel Comey, Ulla Johnson, Simon Miller, Scosha, Vivien Ramsay, Ryan Roche to name a few.


4. You are a hard worker, building a successful business with your husband, how do u find the balance to have time for yourself and your family ?

Can be very challenging at times, however being able to work from home does help…
I do have to make sure I only work certain hours of the day and week in the home office, so I am present when the kids are home and that can be very hard at times as I sometimes work when I shouldn’t (that’s life when you have your own business) I try and make sure my weekends are free from work, so we have quality  family time. Time for my self has become more available as the kids are growing up, still working on that.


5. What is the biggest thing you have learnt in your business ?

The first few years are very tough and hard,  at times I felt like chucking it all in, but we didn’t give up, we preserved kept going and it does become easier when you see it working and it is rewarding to see the results you work so hard for.


6. What advice do you have for people who run their own businesses ?

Keep positive, the hard work does pay off.(even though you might feel very beaten at times).. Use a good accounting system.


7. We have to ask, being surrounded by all this incredible seafood, what is your favourite fishy creature?

Balmain bugs

Brands featured - Ulla Johnson , Vivien Ramsay, Vintage pieces from the store ( from the last LA buying trip ) clothing and African mud clothes , Rachel Comey , Lacausa, Scosha , Natalie Marie, Sophie Hughes,  Le feu de leau candles, D.s Durga , Fat and the moon, Juniper Ridge Sage sticks, Herbivore , a section of cactus from the store , Its a public holiday ceramics , three feathers ceramics.

Photographed by @Madisonxco
March 10, 2017 — Elle Kennard

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