Lisa Barnett is genuinely one of the warmest, friendly, gentle and kindest Ladies that we know. It seems rare to meet a person with such a disposition, she makes you feel at ease instantly. She comes flowing into the store most of the time giggling and smiling and we were delighted to hang out with her in her breathtaking home, I mean we literally hung out and didn’t want to leave, Picture cool summer breeze pouring into a beautifully lit massive window that opened up into a Comfy couch sitting area, yep we wanted to move in! Meet Lisa Barnett for our latest series of “AT HOME WITH” …. You’ll wanna move in too x 


1. Tell us three things about yourself
I'm a mum and taxi driver to two teenage boys..I went travelling in my early 20s and ended up living in London for over 20 years 

2. How would u describe your style ? And what inspires you ?
I feel happiest in relaxed laid back pieces.."dressed up" never feels like me..something beautifully made always inspires dad was a fashion agent he was obsessed by the cut and detail of pieces.

3. What are your favourite Bow and Arrow brands and why ?
I love everything Ulla Johnson does..Beek, the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn! Rachel Comey, Simon Miller, Scosha the list goes on and on..

4. You have lived Abroad more specifically the UK, London is a vibrant city , What drew you back home to sunny Sydney and would you live overseas again ? 
London is a great city.." history around every corner" my grandpa would say... but I missed family and the weather of course! I always felt like an Australian girl living away from home..I wanted our boys to grow up surrounded by the same things that I did and so was so happy when Neil's work brought us home. I think as the boys get older I ll spend longer periods in other places but I don't see myself living permanently anywhere else..

5. One of the things we love about you, is your  always giggling and smiling and happy!  What helps motivate you and keep your spirit sweet? 
 I'm just like everyone has its ups and downs. I just try to live each day well and I try to not worry about the small things..

6. Your home is breathtaking, love the furnishings and all the well curated pieces, what is your advice for people setting up a home ?
Thank you! I think home is about the people in it so fill it with people you love..and when you can buy things that you love too.

7. Best piece of advice you have been given ?
My mum is such a strong woman..watching her is the best advice I've been given..

8. Favourite poison ? 
If I've got an espresso martini in my hand things are going downhill fast! 


Brands featured - Ulla Johnson, Beek, Rachel Comey, Place Nationale, Vintage clothing from our trips to LA, SCOSHA , Sophie Hughes, Simon Miller, Fat and the moon, ds durga , everyday oil , le feu de leau, vintage ceramic purchased from the store, Gemma Fitzgerald Original Art. 
Photographed by @Madisonxco
February 24, 2017 — Elle Kennard


Kerry Driscoll

Kerry Driscoll said:

I have fallen in love with Lisa Barnetts Sydney northern beaches home and style. In particular her to die for kitchen .. I would dearly love to see more of the kitchen and like to know where the fan was placed for the stove top / hot plates ?

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