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At home with Matt Sharpe...

Posted on December 01 2016

We visited Matt Sharp, Friend and Long time customer of Bow and Arrow. Matt, or ‘Sharpy’ as he is affectionately known is a Director, Musician, and an Artist - painter. He alongside good friend and Producer Julian McGruther has Directed Music videos for Delta Goodrem, The Veronicas ( for which they won an ARIA ) and Guy Sebastian which was also nominated for an ARIA in Wednesday night’s award ceremony, No they didn’t win this time, but as you look closely you will see this is just the beginning for this multi talented young entrepreneur. 

1. Tell us three things about yourself

I used to be a magician.
I’ve never watched an episode of Seinfeld or Friends.
I’m actually British.


2. How would u describe your style ? And what inspires you ?

Ever-changing, a little overstated and occasionally a bit nuts. I tend to reflect and express a lot of myself in my clothes and it comes as part of the creative process for me.
I always seek quality, and I’m not afraid to spend a bit more on items I know will define a moment for me. Clothing is kinda my version of tattoos; a journal of significant seasons and experiences.
I really only shop at a small handful of stores/designers, mostly in LA (with the exception of Bow and Arrow *wink*) so I find myself influenced by them and often follow their stylistic lead.
Sartorially, what most inspires me is my travels and my creative seasons/projects. My style will sometimes take a U-Turn when I visit other cities and slip into their vibe, especially in places like Tokyo, NYC and LA.
I’m known for my ridiculous collection of twinsets and stupid sunglasses, but right now I’m stuck on a beige and linen obsession brought on by recent travels. 
The slouchy, layered summer vibes in LA and the unbelievable linens in Amalfi coast - I went crazy over them and had to buy another bag to get them home.   


3. What are your favourite Bow and Arrow brands and why ?

Patouf - The quirky patterns, fabrics and the cuts. So Swedish, ya.
Soulland - Clean, textural, classy as hell
Steve Mono - Sex in leather form. I have two of their bags and a pair of shoes and they just get better with age.
Cocurata - loud, perfectly tacky, and arty as
DS and Durga - Bowmakers is my scent. Can’t go without it. I recently misplaced my bottle in London so I searched the whole city high and low for three days until I finally found a replacement.


4. You travel quite a lot for work, how do you reconcile the struggle as a creative to not be seduced by the excitement and energies of new cities, and how do you stay grounded here at home (manly ) ? 

The short answer is that… I don’t reconcile the struggle! I’m completely seduced and I’m constantly having affairs with different cities.
I’ll be frank, when I stay in Sydney for too long it takes a very negative toll on me. There’s a world out there we’re really not a part of here.
As a freelance workaholic I don’t have many ties and consider myself a nomad, so the entire world is truly getting smaller and starting to feel like home.
Each city brings out different energies in me and as a creative I need that to thrive and reinvent.
It’s the constant switching of modes between LA, London, Sydney and so forth that ends up refreshing and refuelling me for the next thing.
All that said, I can’t deny the sublime feeling of coming home to Manly in summer… I love my apartment and the second I drop by Showbox or dive into those turquoise waters at Bower the affair with Manly starts all over again. 


5. How do u define beauty?

Amongst many things; selflessness and possessing the skill of forgiveness. 


6. Who is your “Idol"? 

Myself in 10 years. *curls up into a big ball of ego*


Brands featured include: Cocurata, Love Over Land, D.S & Durga, Paines Incense, Le Fey De L'eau, Commoners, Pony Rider, Carla Colour, Holly Martin, Steve Mono, Black Deville. 
Photographed by @Madisonxco



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