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At home with Rach + Nic Evans...

Posted on December 01 2016



For the latest ‘At home with’ series, We visited Friends of Bow and Arrow, husband and wife team Nic and Rachel Evans. Rachel was an integral part of the early days of Bow and Arrow helping Tash out with the very first buying trips. They’ve been good mates for years...Rachel is fashion stylist and is the Senior Style Editor for a major Australian online heavy hitter . Her Husband Nic is a genius Psychologist in the making, has love for Italian flair and loves all our natural skincare collections…. you might say he is addicted, but then again so are we ;) 

1. Tell us three things about yourself

Rachel: Grew up in Sunny Sawtell (near Coffs Harbour)  and have lived in Sydney for 11 years. Love to dance, my first passion. I once was a basketball referee. We all start from somewhere... 

Nic: I'm 27, and have always lived in Sydney. Basketball is my first passion and I too was once a basketball referee, it's how we bonded


2. How would u describe your style ? And what inspires you ?

Rachel: hmmm.. Tough one to describe your own personal style. Style to me is not putting yourself in a box. Be experimental and if you're brave, risk what might feel scary to walk out of the house in.   I do feel my style changes depending on my mood and  what I may have been inspired by lately. I go from Boho seventies lovin', to really structured outfits to super minimal effortless looks to then suddenly bold prints. haha. I find inspiration in a lot of things, the art of fashion alone is inspiring, the collaboration of creatives. Working in the fashion world for a living I naturally get inspired by runway shows, incredible shoots created by super talented people. When traveling I'll often people watch people (I literally take my own pap shots of strangers)    

Nic: I'm enamoured with the Italian concept of 'sprezzatura', roughly translated as 'casual nonchalance', or the art of looking like you haven't worked too hard to look that good. The Italians do it best. The Pitti 'peacock' (google it) will give you an idea of what I mean.


3. What are your favourite Bow and Arrow brands and why ?

Rachel: Rachel Comey and Ulla Johnson I adore! I could list more. My favourite item in my wardrobe is definitely the incredible Rachel Comey Crochet dress from last season. She creates beautiful designs that have a sense of craftsmanship and a real understanding of effortless but feminine style. 

Ulla - ahhh Ulla how can you walk past the fine details, embroidery and tassels. Wearable art.  

The latest Simon Miller drop is definitely top of the wish list at the moment- those shoes are incredible! 

Nic: I'm all about the skin care and accessories. Herbivore, Fat & The Moon, Baxter of Calefornia, Scosha. Rach and I routinely stock up on Le Feu De L'Eau candles.


4. Rachel does Nic steal your beauty products??  and if so what are they?!

Rachel: No its probably the other way round. haha. He is not ashamed to look after himself in all areas including beauty. I actually benefit from this more than the other way round. We do both love our natural products. My sensitive skin definitely loves the Bow and Arrow goodness;  especially Fat & The Moon moisturiser, also Herbivore oils. 

Nic: I can attest to the above.


5. How do u define beauty?

Rachel: Beauty is warmth in someone. To me often a person who lives by love and kindness in all that they do exude an incredible beauty about them. I have definitely grown up with two women in my life my mum and my sister who have taught me that and completely exude beauty because that is how they live! 

Nic: Probably a combination of evolutionary pressures and cultural context.


6. Who is the cook and who is the cleaner in the household? 

Rachel: Nic and Nic hahahaha.. :-0 !! Nic is very gifted in the kitchen. If it was left up to me we would probably be eating frozen meals... 

Brands featured include: Scosha, Ulla Johnson, Rachel Comey, Blk dv, For Love and Lemons, Herbivor, Fat and the Moon, Le feu de leau, Romance Was Born, Lacausa, and InBed Linen.
Photographed by @Madisonxco


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