Our VALENTINE’S DAY Special of ‘ AT HOME WITH ‘ Is with Customers and long time friends Sean Miller & Annabelle Mclean. Sean and Annabelle have been with us shopping from the very beginning of Bow and Arrow’s existence and consequently have become dearest friends. The Co- owners of CHICA BONITA & SUNSET SABI are engaged to be married this coming April! They are the salt of the earth, loads of fun to be around and are truly an inspiration, when it comes to down to earth, generous and Kind hearted people! Theirs is an honest, funny and inspiring love story xx 

Meet Sean and Annabelle… Oh and lets not forget their Pride and Joy , Miss Harley Miller ( french bulldog fans eat your heart out!! ) 


1. Tell us three things about yourself 

Sean: Born and raised in California, was a ski bum slope side in a small town called Crested Butte, CO for seven years and now i sell tacos. 

Annabelle: In the spirit of Valentines Day ill tell you that love my family and friends, i love Harley and i love Sean. 


2. How would you describe your style ? And what inspires you ? 

Annabelle: comfortable. Mum is always teasing me about how i would only wear elasticated pants as a kid… and nothing much has changed! In times where a little style is necessary - i’ll always look to Tash! 

Sean: I tried to tell Annabelle once that i wanted to create my own style, i came up  with a name and everything but it didn’t take off... So ill just go with calling it tropical, relaxed, poolside … you know, that kind of vibe!


3. What are your favourite Bow and Arrow brands and why ?

Annabelle: Upstate, Scosha, Lacausa, Variance, Ulla Johnson… there is something magical about all of them! 

Sean: King Brown, D.S and Durga (it just smells so god damn good), Steve Mono (i do hope to own a pair of their shoes one day) and Fat and the Moon (only the best deodorant ever!).


4. How did you guys meet ? 

Sean: I wasn’t much of a coffee drinker until i found the cafe that annabelle was working at. Suddenly i drank multiple coffees a day. It took a while to get her to have a coffee with me (especially given that she doesn’t drink coffee), but we got there in the end :) 


5. You both have very busy lives and are owners of very busy establishments, how do you balance your work/play/quality time together ??


Annabelle: we are still figuring this one out but have always been good at making the most of a couple of hours here and there!

Sean: we make all time quality time.


6. what is one thing you love most about your partner?

Annabelle: one thing… that’s hard… but it would have to be his kindness… he has a HUGE heart which i am so fortunate to be able to have a little piece of! 

Sean: This is good practice for my wedding speech.  It would have to be her selflessness and ability to put everyone else before herself.


7. what is the quirkiest or most unusual habit your partner has? 

Annabelle: he is really good at folding the washing… sometimes i take clean (badly folded by me) clothes out of of my cupboard and add them to the clean washing pile just so he can fold them like they would be folded in a shop! 

Sean: she has more tea in the cupboard than she will ever be able to drink - i think she likes the boxes more than the tea itself!


8. What is your ideal date night ?

Annabelle: i know we won’t agree on this one, but mine is always a meal we both cook at home.

Sean: a picnic or something outdoors so Harley can come too - i hate when she misses out! 


9. Hate or Love Valentines Day ?

Annabelle: i always said i didn’t like it, probably because i was the kid that never got a Valentine! I tried to tell Sean the first few years not to do anything because i wasn’t in to it, but i think i would secretly be a little sad now if he didn’t :)  

Sean: LOVE it. I even put flowers on the bed one year ha ha - but came home to find Annabelle asleep on top of them and squishing them all! 

Brands featured include: Ulla Johnson, D.S Durga, Fat and the Moon, Nourished Journal, It's a Public Holiday, Scosha, For Love and Lemons, Lacausa, Page Thirty Three and a collection of art from different artists - purchased from Bow + Arrow Studio. 
Photographed by @Madisonxco
February 12, 2017 — Elle Kennard


Elizabeth Jay Jones

Elizabeth Jay Jones said:

I am Sean’s Auntie B……..this is an amazing article, reflexing how wonderful this couple really are in life, I am so excited to visit Australia, and be part of this very special event in their lives, their union in marriage. Sean you have picked the perfect girl, and I am so happy for you……..Much LOVE to you both. HUGS.

ANne wAtts

ANne wAtts said:

What beautiful products and amazing Brand Ambassadors – such amazing style!

Jane Wild

Jane Wild said:

Great article and love Bow + Arrow – can always find that perfect last minute gift. Sean and Annabelle (and Harley) look great :-) x

Barbara WIld

Barbara WIld said:

What’s not to love about them. She is my beautiful granddaughter and he is my lovely future son in law. How lucky are we!!! Xx❤❤❤❤❤

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