Everyday Oil is 100% plant based - there is nothing synthetic or artificial, and what these oils do for your skin is endless.  The science behind each oil is amazing.  They do everything from boosting cell and collagen production to protecting the skin from UV damage, killing bacteria, easing inflammation…even helping resolve acne, preventing hyper-pigmentation and increasing circulation to the skin.  The list goes on.  They are balancing, healing, cleansing, rejuvenating, anti-aging - these are not empty claims made on packaging, but information from science and medical journals about the incredible abilities of these plants.  

It took a lot of time to create a blend with the perfect texture that had all of the qualities I wanted, that absorbed really well without sitting on top of the skin, that was super hydrating but also cleansing, and that smelled really, really amazing.  Our skin is an organ, it absorbs what we put on it.  I didn’t like the idea of treating my face like gold but then slathering whatever random lotion on my body, so it made sense to me to use this everywhere.  The oils are so holistically cleansing they can be used to replace face wash as well.  It became something that replaced everything else in my skincare routine, and worked better than anything I had ever used.  My skin felt so good, and even on days when I used nothing at all my skin stayed balanced.  I was in love with the idea of being able to use one product for everything.  When traveling it was a revelation - to travel with only one bottle where before there were 2 or 3, or more.