momoke was born from a love of beautiful things, made with sincerity and soul from hand worked metal and earth-grown stones.

Each piece is unique in its creation, and features the imperfections and flaws that come from being made by human hands: file marks, hammer dents, inclusions, cracks and scratches. 

Lovingly formed in a little Sydney studio by the water, momoke pieces aim to promote local, environmentally conscious design and to uphold the integrity that accompanies modern bespoke jewellery.

Where ever possible, momoke strives for sustainability and an ethically sound practise.

Designer and owner Em Watson completed a degree in Jewellery and Object Design in 2010 before moving from her childhood home in Sydney, Australia to a quiet, semi-rural neighbourhood in Hyogo prefecture, Japan. It was here that she rediscovered a love of jewellery, inspired by Japanese minimalism, selective adornment and the celebration of imperfection. 

Upon moving back to Australia in 2013, the idea for momoke was born, and after 3 years of conceptualising, designing and creating, was finally launched in 2016. 

Em is currently finalising her formal training at Enmore Design Centre, believing that you can never stop learning and applying new knowledge to your trade.

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