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KRAKRA is a young cosmetics brand based in Bordeaux, France. We create soap bars and skincare products based on natural, organic and vegan ingredients. Our soaps are handmade, created with 100% pure, natural botanical ingredients, and our manufacturing process is inspired by ancient beauty rituals. We produce our cosmetics in our Bordeaux laboratory in small batches using the cold saponification process, which ensures the skin benefits from the characteristics and qualities of natural oils. Each of our products has been created to take care of the specific needs of different skin types, whether that’s sensitive, dull, combination, blemish-prone, or very dry skin, in the most natural way possible. "Cracra" (which is pronounced the same way as KRAKRA) is commonly used in informal French by children and roughly translates as “mucky pup” in English.We adopted this name to bring a touch of playfulness and innocence to our more serious purpose: to offer products that gently clean, while caring for the skin and planet. KRAKRA is a light-hearted reminder that cleaning rituals and cosmetics can be simple.