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BEACHWOOD ~ Guatemala

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Current Coffee: Chochajau, Guatemala

Beachwood holds a lot of meaning to us. The name comes from Beachwood Canyon in Los Angeles, the canyon where we—Ally and Casey—met back in 2013. A place known for its vibrant energy and the creative people it attracts, Beachwood was a place of great growth for us both. Nestled above the noise of the city, it was a place where we felt grounded, inspired, and where great relationships thrived.

It's out of these sentiments—relationships, creativity, and inspiration—that we developed the idea for our Beachwood Coffee. Beachwood is the name on the bag, but inside are coffees to which we hold a special connection. Our goal is for Beachwood to be a showcase for fresh, seasonal coffees that we can talk about through story. 

In terms of flavor, Beachwood will always champion the style of cup we sought to create when starting Canyon—smooth, balanced, and caramelly. A coffee that's easy to brew at home and hits the spot, every morning. 

And so it's fitting that the very first coffee to fill Beachwood is none other than that produced by the Chochajau Collective of Guatemala—the same farmers whose coffee we started Canyon with back in 2016. 

We're even more excited to share this coffee as, since we last carried it, we've been fortunate enough to meet the people who grow it. Casey traveled to Guatemala to meet the farmers of the Chochajau Collective, as well as others around the country. You can read more about his visit below. 

Producer: Chochajau Collective
Origin: Guatemala

Region: Lake Atitlán
Elevation: 1600-1800 meters
Process: Washed

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