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This has been a very long time coming.

Why? Because I could not work around the fact that honey loves to dance with water, and because we strictly never use preservatives, I could not add anything aquatic. I tried with sole solution, but the honey just LOVED fermenting in the salt bath, sourdough-style.

I put the project aside, and continued to just smear sticky honey mixed with a little Chamomile extract on my face before showering – amazing for a fresh clear morning face – until a friend send me her beautiful hydrosol, which I spritzed under the mask. It was such a revelation and I am so sorry I did not think about this earlier! 

So here it is, the GOLDEN AGE HONEY MASK + SOFT ROSE HYDROSOL SPRITZ that would make Cleopatra proud.

Made with the worlds best raw enzymatic honey, sourced from Tim Malfroy, Australia's master of wild bee keeping. I added sweet Chestnut extract and finely ground powder of sweet Chestnut for gentle exfoliation, Elemi resin extract to reduce lines, shrink pores, and beautifully even complexion, 'Balm of Gilead' poplar bud extract for an antioxidant boost and to smooth dry, cracked skin, fine Bamboo powder to help normalise acne prone and UV-damaged skin.

Each jar has a massive dose of pharmaceutical and food-grade 24 karat Gold, so much Gold, it visibly illuminates the gooey, delicious mess. Gold helps halt and restore collagen degradation like nothing else, harmonises skin function and brings sunlight to your face.

I have chosen to completely leave out essential oils in this mask, to not interfere with the enzymatic action of the honey. The result is a pure, luxurious goo with satisfying yet gentle exfoliating action.

Please note, the hydrosol contains no preservatives, so store in the fridge.

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