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Triangle Bag

Triangle Bag

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Since ancient times, Mapuche Indigenous artisans have woven the Pilwa. Pilwas and are made using a plant known as Chupon, one of nature’s sturdiest materials. Maria and Sandra are the indigenous women who weaver our bags and whom we work with in close connection. They both cultivate the Chupon in native forests during the first winter rain. After cleaning, drying, and splitting the fiber, separating the leaf into strands with a wooden comb with nail teeth, they twist it until they get a rope capable of resisting up to 44 pounds, with which they weave Pilwa of various shapes and sizes: traditional, round, or triangle. 98 feet of rope and five hours of weaving are required to finish one Pilwa.

A bag traditionally used to carry the harvest of shellfish and potatoes. We love to use them to head to the farmers market or beach or as decor. Made of Organic Chupon Plant Measurements: 35 cm width x 42 cm length

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