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Masculin Féminin Balm - Regenerative Tallow™

Masculin Féminin Balm - Regenerative Tallow™

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The Masculin Féminin tallow balm is SST's signature scent, the first balm made by founder Megan Bre Camp to invoke the oils of ancient conifers and spiritual resins for the mind and body is made for everyday wear for everyone.

Bask in the herbaceous and grand woodsy aroma of Masculin Féminin, an intentionally unisex and versatile tallow balm from our Regenerative Tallow™ product line that helps bring about groundedness and inner strength by utilizing ancient and sacred conifer oils; allow yourself to recenter and rehydrate your body from the outside in.

Slow-made with the rendered fat of Northern California pasture-raised cattle, the golden wax of summery calendula flowers, truly extra-virgin olive oil sourced from the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation in Capay Valley, CA, and a deeply relaxing blend of Austrian silver fir, California bay laurel, Japanese hinoki cypress, Omani frankincense, Somalian myrrh, and Sri Lankan patchouli essential oils.


Ingredients -

Apply anywhere on the body, including the hands, face, or hair, for an incredibly luscious moisturizing experience.

50 ml

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